Coping with Causing a Serious Accident:
A Site for Information, Support, and Healing
We are good people who have unintentionally harmed others, in accidents
occurring on the roads, at work, at play, or around the home. I call us
CADI's (Causing Accidental Death or Injury). Most of us feel grief, guilt, and
distress about our accidents. Over time, we learn that our mistake does not
have to define us.

Who I am
Who We Are
I am a social psychologist and educator. I am also a CADI, as a result of an
accident in which an 8-year old boy ran in front of my car and was killed. I
have been talking with writing about CADIs for over ten years.
There is no easy path to peace. Each of us must find our own way through
this dark night of the soul. Although we cannot change what happened, we
can control how we respond. I believe that CADI's face three challenges:
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Causing Accidental Death or Injury