Please write me about your experiences, needs, and lessons
learned as a CADI.
(The email address is
I will respond to as many messages
as I can. Please let me know if I can post your message to this site.
I would also appreciate learning about books, websites or  
resources that helped you. Thank you.


Maryann J. Gray
Reach Out
Causing Accidental Death or Injury:
A site for information, support, & healing
For emergency assistance
Do not let yourself or your
loved ones become additional
victims of your accident. If you
feel like you might hurt yourself
or others, or if you are in crisis,
get help.

Suicide Hotline:

These sites offer referrals to
qualified psychologists,
psychiatrists, and therapists.

American Psychological

The American Association for
Marriage and Family Therapy

National Association of Social